Dramatis Personae…

Lumpi standing bold at his father's side. Felixus holding an alchemist's vial. Penny holding an Irrwisch spirit.

Lumpi, Felixus and Penny

I proudly present a minor selection of my short novel’s cast.

Here you can see Lumpi, who is standing proudly at his father’s side. He is a quick-witted and pretty bold guy, but his most important wish is to become like Felixus. His punch line is “Du brauchst dia goarnix guat vorkumman!” which translates (roughly) to “Dun be so full of ya’self!” Lumpi was saved from the orphanage by Felixus. That’s why he is so deeply affectionate about his dad.

Felixus is a good-natured alchemist and the personal servant of Cornelius Funkenflug von Abendrot. He mostly brews herbal infusions (teas) and tasty stews. He lives together with Tym Eisenfuchs. Both escaped the orphanage and lived in the seedier districts of Turnaya. When they broke into Archmage Cornelius’ cave, he found them cuddling up in his bed and took them in.

Penny is the newest addition to the Felitym Nest. She is also a supposed orphan, because she was found in the woods by Lumpi, Emilio and Rasse. Penny has lost her memory and still tries to find out about her past. She shows a talent for summoning, which is quite a rare Calling among Michtims, so Cornelius has offered to tutor her in the spirit arts.

Tribes and Philosophies

I took some time to gather sketches, scan them and put a little bit of color on them. Just to get my thoughts across.

Player’s pick these little furballs — called Michtims — as their characters. There are three tribes from which you can pick your heritage. They have different ideals and also make use of the same Talents using different themes. The ideals provide potential for conflicts, but I am far from making some tribe ‘the bad guy’ although some look pretty damn mean…

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