Michtim: Fluffy Adventures is an indie pen & paper storytelling game. It is designed to evoke the flair of 90s Cartoon Shows like Ewoks and the Smurfs, while introducing important topics like Charity, Conservancy of Nature and the value of Culture and Progress to the players.


Players create Michtim characters in a tiered system that allows new folks to easily master the rules. Once everyone has a firm understanding of the basics, the game can be advanced to the next level, adding new mechanics and setting elements to the game experience. This way even young players can enjoy the game. The game uses a system of Emotions and Moods as basic attributes. This way, the current Mood has an influence on the character’s chances of success. Callings finally introduce new rule options to players in a very modular way. The game allows players to mix and match mechanics to create their perfect character.


The game strives to create a happy place that is worth fighting for. While there is room for conflict, Michtim society at large follows notions of equality and social justice. In Michtim RPG, ideas of gender are virtually unknown. Characters follow all sorts of professions without being ostracized. Michtim society accepts sexes outside of the gender binary as well. Also, while sexuality is deliberately not an important part of the game, it is still important to understand that Michtims do not look down upon their peers because of who they love. Everyone is welcome.

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