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If you really like Michtim, why not fetch yourself some fluffy pieces?

All Rolled Up: Fluffy Adventures!

I strongly recommend, you check out All Rolled Up. This is the new design of Michtim ARUs. It features a colorful autumn leave design and a Felixus & Lumpi badge. But you can order a Michtim badge for a Standard ARU as well, to create a unique Michtim ARU. You can check out the sold out Michtim I design here.

Michtim All-Rolled-Up II

Michtim All-Rolled-Up II

T-Shirts and Stickers on RedBubble

Michtim: Haus Turnaya

Michtim: Haus Turnaya

Michtim Family T-Shirts


Michtim Family

Michtim Playground Mugs and Posters

All sorts of Michtim characters on a meadow

Michtim Playground

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