MIR UX Model

7 Design Mantras

Back in 2009 when I studied Information Design with a major in User Interface Design, I developed my own model of User Experience. I don’t think that there’s this one model that will solve all problems. Rather, I look to the practice of creating this model as a sort of […]

Michtim Thesis, Nominations and Thank-You!

So, if you know my  #RPG   #Michtim  already, maybe you know that it’s the practical part of my  #MasterThesis  in  #Media  & #InteractionDesign . I self-published the game three years ago, when life was really tumultuous for me. In the meantime I have changed jobs a lot, had a heart surgery and suffered through a tough phase of burnout […]

Michtim Thesis Cover

Queer Gaming for Kids?

When I set out to create Michtim: Fluffy Adventures, I already had a dozen years of experience playing and game-mastering pen & paper roleplaying games. It was only after 2007 that I finally accepted that I was indeed gay. Before then, nearly all of my characters were straight, and I […]

Turnaya Map Sketch Found!

A wanderer’s notebook has been found deep in the Immergrummelwoods. The unfortunate soul must have made it through the Veil. But who knows what happens to lost adventurers, who sleep within the sacred clearing of Turnaya? You can see that this wanderer already started to uncover some of the secrets; […]

Turnaya Map Sketch

Alternative Ways to Play?

Michtim Story Mode Sheet So, I’ve been doing a bit of research and had some thoughtful discussions with fellow storygamers from the story-games.com message board. Together, we’ve been looking at possible ways to move Michtim into a different direction. The game initially was supposed to have a video-game component. That’s […]


Four Attributes control the player's role, while a different set of Attributes (Mind and Matter) control the focus of the character.

Tinkering with Coldville X

So I’ve decided to spend a little time on one of my previous projects. The aesthetic here is to have ordinary people with dark secrets commit terrible deeds (against each other). Each character has secret objectives that are often in conflict with the other player’s plans. In this game, you […]

Hacking Emotions

Emotions define a character’s role. They also interact with the Mood Marker rules, so you gain a benefit on future rolls. But what if you don’t like that particular flavor of the system? Maybe a different theme would fit you better? After my work with Michtim was done, I also […]


Calling: Paragon 1

Hey there! I want to hear your thoughts about this new Calling group I’m working on. Actually this isn’t a single Paragon Calling, but rather you choose to become a Paragon of Fear or Paragon of Love. The Paragon Calling allows the player to convert Mood Markers of a given […]