Sizes in Michtim RPG

I came to realize that Michtim lacks a size system that actually works. It isn’t complicated to find something fitting though. While working on the creature cards (doing streamlining), I figured out that the following would work quite well.

Size Categories

Tiny, Small, Medium, Large. You get the picture. Each category has a typical Health attribute:

  • Tiny: 5
  • Small: 10
  • Medium: 20
  • Large: 40

That’s the basic Health pool for a creature of that size. Creature Points can increase this number, but that’s not relevant for now. Sizes have other important uses:

Attacking a smaller Creature

  • Each size category smaller means -1 die to Attack, because the target is so small, it is harder to hit.
  • In case of a hit, the damage is increased +1, because the bigger creature is more powerful.

In effect, this is like a forced “Power Punch”.

Attacking a bigger Creature

  • Each size category bigger means +1 die to Attack, because the target is much bigger and therefore easier to hit.
  • A hit does -1 damage per size category bigger though, because bigger creatures are more resilient to the damage of small creatures.

This is a pretty valid simulation as well as a direct mirroring of the above rule.

Hiding from bigger Creatures

  • hidden creatures gain +1 bonus hit per size category they are smaller than their opponents; this is a one-way rule.

Sizes and Creatures

This allows some fairly straight forward interaction with most creatures that Michtims encounter in their adventures. It also means that humans (called Mensch), really are this game’s Dragons. They suffer -2 damage from Michtim attacks, and all their attacks deal +2 damage (though they rarely hit).

Good that Michtims have other methods to solve conflicts.

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