Current Projects

Status: 2014-03-11

Michtim Adventures Story (German)
I want to start with the short novel I’m writing for Michtim. Since my native language is German, I felt more comfortable to produce my first draft that way. It tells the story of nestling Penny, who awakens in the woods, and cannot remember anything about herself. She is offered insight into her past by Isabella Frostherz, who has sinister plans for the little Michtim-Kid…

Saving the Veil Chronicle
This is a series of related adventures for Michtim: Fluffy Adventures. In the wake of a disastrous betrayal, the Michtims are left without the protection of the Veil. The heroes need to go out on adventures, to borrow the six Veiled gemstones, to restore the Veil to its former power. All adventures are designed to be micro sandboxes, and offer freeform exploration of new places.

Book of Hearts / Honobono
After learning something about the honobono roleplaying style (through Golden Sky Stories), I want to show ways to pull this off with Michtim. The Book of Hearts introduces blended Emotions: Players can use new tricks by combining two Emotions. All new rules are supposed to offer new mechanics for social interaction and non-violent problem solving.

Treasure Chest
This addon features new rules for Gear and a selection of new pieces of equipment. Including new rules to enhance existing Gear by showing your worth to the noble houses.

New Callings
So far, I’ve created three new Callings that I plan on releasing separately as well as bundled, so you can pick what you care about the most. Currently in the design phase: Vampire (stealing dice), Juggernaut (mitigating damage) and Mentalist (controlling others).

Special Actions
You can roll Emotions to do tricks outside of the existing rules. Special Actions introduces several new Actions for existing Emotions. I might be including this one in the Book of Hearts though.

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