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Michtim: Fluffy Adventures Cover
Michtim: Fluffy Adventures Core Rulebook

You can get the Michtim RPG rulebook over at DriveThruRPG. Either as downloadable PDF document or as Premium Color Hardcover book. If you want to check out the PDF before buying the hardcover, you can get a discount on the physical product from me. Just let me know you want to upgrade.

If you would like to buy both the game and the thesis, there’s a Michtim: Theory and Practice bundle at greatly reduced price!

Michtim: Designing a Pen & Paper Storytelling Game
Michtim: Designing a Pen & Paper Storytelling Game

This is my thesis on Roleplaying Game Design.  Michtim RPG Game Design thesis over at DriveThruRPG. Currently only available as downloadable PDF document but maybe I’ll offer a softcover version in the future. Any buyers will of course receive a special discount code, if the book version goes live!

If you would like to buy both the game and the thesis, there’s a Michtim: Theory and Practice bundle at greatly reduced price!

Michtim Card Pack

You do not need them to play the game, but they help you create characters on the fly and track different types of wounds! Each of the calling cards is illustrated and offers rule hints, so you do not have to flip through the book continually. Personality cards offer different emotion settings and roleplaying hints. Wound cards are also illustrated! Get the Premium stock printed Michtim Card Pack from DriveThruRPG. It’s only $12.95 and includes the 3 x 12 Calling Cards (regular price $9.99), 10 Personality Cards and 3 x 12 Wound Cards (regular price $9.95)! 

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