Philosophies in Michtim Culture

Turnayan Callings show a strong Magic & Arts theme

Turnayan Callings show a strong Magic & Arts theme

There is a lot of room for all types of players. I do not wish to restrict player wishes when it comes to the existence of higher beings or the truth behind less mythical schools of thought. I figured, if you want to provide religious and secular philosophies, you cannot make individual tribes be solely this or that.

My solution is to provide many different approaches, and remind players to create their own belief system, if they think something is missing. I will present at least two approaches for all three tribes (religious and secular). The focal topic is always related to what Michtims from that tribe value the most. Nevertheless, it is absolutely okay to stick your character’s head into a different belief group. Go with what feels right.


Turnayans value Community. Both schools of thought revolve around those two things. Michtims living in the capital city of Turnaya usually have a long list of relatives, and are very gregarious beings.

  • Ancestry Creed (rel.) The spirits of Michtim heroes both living and long passed away are venerated. Whenever young are born, Michtims choose to build a nest together or a Turnayan spirit returns from its fleshly body, the Ancestry Creed celebrates. Rites are elaborate, with music, cookies and paintings being given as offerings to the ancestors. In times of need, followers of the Ancestry Creed pray for guidance and offer their help to others in return. There are dedicated priests, but every follower may conduct most rites, as long as there are at least two other believers present.
  • Bit’Te & Dan’Ke (sec.) The value of courtesy is highly esteemed in Michtim society. Even more so by those, who follow the path of Bit’Te and Dan’Ke. These two represent aspects of society. Those in need are expected to ask for help, while those who have are expected to provide it. The philosophy is not only concerned with sharing, but also with valuing what you have. Greed and avarice are frowned upon; with false pride and overcare being close behind. In any case, followers have to commit to the tenets of helping each other to the best of their abilities.

Barsik value Nature. Living in the untouched wilds, eschewing comforts of technology and society is what the Barsik do. Nature is the sole provider for food and dwellings. If something is not available, they probably are not meant to have it in the first place. As a result, they are very tolerant to environments that are considered hostile by other Michtims. In return they view others as somewhat weak and fragile.

  • Barwinism (sec.) Survival of the fittest, and the realisation that life changes throughout  the ages (evolution) are the core principles of Barwinism. Going back to the famous Barsik scholar Charles Barwin (which means bear wind; but figuring out why he got that name is left to speculation at best). Charles realized that species adapt to their environment over time. He was known to study life in all its expressions and uncover the biological origin of the Michtim species. Barwinists do not necessarily boast their supremacy; they do however realize that their time is limited and that there are a lot of species worth to be studied and protected.
  • Faces of Nature (rel.) Bara Bara, also known as Mutter Barsik, is revered as giver of life. The gentle rains, the raging torrent and whispering wind are equally worshipped as are other children of nature. Many Barsik warriors commit themselves to serve a single totem; often calling themselves Raging Bear, Unsung Hurricane or Venomous Lily. Feeling kinship with the totemic spirit is paramount; but rituals are very simplistic and celebration is nearly unheard of. Bara Bara is a harsh mother after all.

Greylings value Profit. With progress coming in at a close second. After shedding their traditional tribe name and moving to the city of the long-legs, they founded their own under-empire called Plutonia. The other tribes never fail to mention it should be called Pollutonia instead though. They are master tinkerers and corporate thinkers, always on the look for reengineering their existence.

  • Bürokratology (rel.) The great Zentralrechner machine chatters in the bowels of Geos. It keeps reality running as it is. If you are valuable to the Zentralrechner, there is no need to worry. Like industrious bees, the Greylings scurry through the tunnels of Plutonia to provide offerings to the Highest of Providers. Every single one of them has a purpose. They are like cogs in the great machine, answering to innumerable requests and fulfilling service procedures. Promotions keeps the underlings motivated, while the magistrates are awarded with privileges and legal powers. One is not born, but comes into existence through a willful act by the superiors.
  • Corporate Identity (sec.) Since industriousness is second nature to Greylings, it has not been a surprise that most of them take well to the thought of maximum valorisation. If you do a good job, you get paid. Getting paid means, being rewarded with superior titles and more Schillings. A concept that is entirely unknown to other tribes: Money! Corporate Greylings clearly think they have the fairest system to separate the wheat from the chaff. The Corporate paradigm requires a second thought though. Michtims organize into firms or act as freelancers. In any case, they clearly know how to advertise themselves, cut the competition off and reap the benefits. Everyone of them has a slogan and high hopes for creating the most impressive Corporate Head Quarter.


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