Revised Calling Table

Callings and aspects table for the Michtim RPG

The Callings table shows all the special mechanics currently available in the game.

Callings are a very good handle to customize a Michtim RPG character. If you read the description of the basic Actions (Jolt, Detect, Cure, Weep, Evade, Hide and Attack) you will understand the core game mechanic: It’s all about rolling d6s and beating 7. This is easily achieved with two dice, so what do you do with higher Emotion ratings? You set dice aside to produce more awesome effects, of course! This creates an intricate web of possibilities. Heavy hitting is less accurate, so it can be easily Evaded.

Now Callings enhance those core rules by introducing unique mechanics that can be applied to all five of the different Emotions. The intersection between a Calling and an Emotion is called Aspect. Characters unlock one Aspect at a time.

The special rules of Callings can be combined too. If you combine the Sorcerer’s exceptional Range with the Tactician’s Area of Effect you may:

  • Teleport your whole party from one location to the next (Ranged Area Jolt)
  • Scout an enormous area while staying with your friends (Ranged Area Detect)
  • Cure several close combat fighters while far away (Ranged Area Cure)
  • Attack many enemies from afar (Ranged Area Attack)
  • Camouflage a large area from enemy scrutiny (Ranged Area Hide)
  • Conjure a benevolent mist that makes enemies’ miss (Ranged Area Evade)
  • Cast a shielding spell around friends (Ranged Area Weep)

The Callings combine to produce a maximized effect. The Sorcerer’s Focus Action can be used to increase the dice pool of a Tactician’s Area Attack; all the while profiting from the Tactician’s superior Mood Marker generation. This is true for all Callings. Combining Cook, Sorcerer and Courtier to concoct a Far-Reaching Love Potion!

Anyway! Check it out yourself and download the Michtim RPG Calling Table (pdf).

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