Up, Up and Away!

A spellcasting Michtim CultistIt has been quite some time since I started working on the Michtim RPG. I’ve switched the focus of the project several times. Creating a game with an educational message was my first thought. Telling players about the value of emotions; about their use for survival and social interaction.

Because of the cute nature of the Michtim characters, I thought it would be worthwhile to take an aim at younger players. While I still think understandable rules are paramount, I do want to get a bit more sophisticated with DIY support and a flexible talent system. But a lot of storytelling games have been there before, and did a great job.

Since I’m doing this not only for the fun of it, I want to take this into a different direction.

You’re new to this game. You got an invitational link from your storyteller. She said it would be easy, so you fired up your browser. Now you’re at this site that allows you to create an avatar for a game. Browsing through the talents is easy as pie. You find all the neat tricks that sound fun. Your storyteller can instantly look at the new hero and help you out with questions.

You’re a budding storyteller. Creating quests seems daunting, but you have something up your sleeve. A friend of yours recommended this game site that helps you with plot design. You send out invites to your players and have them create characters. They’ll build their characters, and afterwards you’ll get notifications. This is where the fun starts. Players pick backgrounds that neatly tie into the plot generator, giving you the right hooks to pull. It won’t get any easier.

You have a character that you really like. But sadly your group cannot have a session every day now, can it? What if you could visit your character whenever you like; take her out to some online adventure?

I’ve decided to explore the possibilities of Cross-Media Storytelling Games. Using different media channels to tell a story; to provide tools to help players perform better. Be prepared for game sessions. Have a strong connection to characters. Go public if they like. You know, “let me tell you about my character” is so 2011 — and a nuisance.

Lets show them your character now, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away!

    • True point!
      Before we can tell stories we first ‘make’ them. That’s what roleplaying games are about. Sharing fictional experiences and then ‘retelling’ them as stories. If it’s about the term, I prefer ‘storytelling game’ over ‘roleplaying game’ mostly because of the focus on non-combat adventures in the first. Or to put it into nutshell: it’s not about how you defeat the evil overlord but WHY. Drama first.

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