Making Wounds Tell Stories

Different types of damage and wound debuffs

3 x Damage Types and 4 x Wound Debuffs = 12 x Ouch!

Many games use hit points to track the sustained damage. Reducing those will bring heroines and heroes closer to death’s door. Besides this obvious meaning, there is usually no further mechanic attached to those wounds. Some games use Critical Damage to provide graphic detail in combats (like Dark Heresy and similar Warhammer 40K RPGs). Michtim RPG has a different way of dealing with damage and tries a more visual approach.

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Rethinking Damage & Death

Well, this is not about D&D, although I found it pretty tempting to use that kind of acronym.

In most RPGs there is a big need to track Hit-/Health-Points or Damage Levels. There are some pretty interesting systems out there beyond vanilla “Hitpoints below 0, you’re dead!” In case of Michtim RPG I want to go a different route altogether.

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