Play Test Polishing — Patch Notes 0.22 edited

Character Sheet with Gear, updated Callings and better Faction crests

The new character sheet has Masteries, Gear and Faction crests, cool!

EDIT: Here’s the updated character sheet (Deutschsprachiger Charakterbogen). The graphic design of the Calling section signifies that mastering all Emotional aspects of a Calling is special. Usually players will not invest all their points into a single Calling, because all they need is unlocking those aspects they have the highest Emotion rating in. Mastery is required in case you want to specialize (attuning only a single aspect, so you can bring more different Callings to the table). Also there is a Gear section on the character sheet now. Previously I was relying on gear cards, but that does not always come in handy.

The first round of play testing has been conducted yesterday. It was a blast! I had enormous amounts of fun, giving other people a first walk through the Immergrummelwoods and the Long-Legger’s City. Several of the changes increase the Cook’s power, while other alterations are used to simplify the game for new players.

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