Play Test Polishing — Patch Notes 0.22 edited

Character Sheet with Gear, updated Callings and better Faction crests

The new character sheet has Masteries, Gear and Faction crests, cool!

EDIT: Here’s the updated character sheet (Deutschsprachiger Charakterbogen). The graphic design of the Calling section signifies that mastering all Emotional aspects of a Calling is special. Usually players will not invest all their points into a single Calling, because all they need is unlocking those aspects they have the highest Emotion rating in. Mastery is required in case you want to specialize (attuning only a single aspect, so you can bring more different Callings to the table). Also there is a Gear section on the character sheet now. Previously I was relying on gear cards, but that does not always come in handy.

The first round of play testing has been conducted yesterday. It was a blast! I had enormous amounts of fun, giving other people a first walk through the Immergrummelwoods and the Long-Legger’s City. Several of the changes increase the Cook’s power, while other alterations are used to simplify the game for new players.

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Revised Character Sheet

Revised Character Sheet for Michtim RPG

The revised Character Sheet has room for Ultimate Techs and character goals!

Last week I had the chance to conduct some hands on tests. We had an hour at our disposal to create some Michtim heroes for the upcoming session. It turned out there were some misunderstandings regarding Emotion ratings and Principles. I’ll summarize in which regards the Revised Michtim RPG Character Sheet now solves these problems.

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