Michtim Thesis, Nominations and Thank-You!

So, if you know my  #RPG   #Michtim  already, maybe you know that it’s the practical part of my  #MasterThesis  in  #Media  & #InteractionDesign . I self-published the game three years ago, when life was really tumultuous for me. In the meantime I have changed jobs a lot, had a heart surgery and suffered through a tough phase of burnout and depression.

The game has always been a beacon of hope for me. Any time I would feel down and frustrated, I would pick it up and look at my hand-drawn sketch that I made the day I received the very first physical copy of Michtim. It reads “12.10.12. Best Day of my Life so far!”

Though I have entered the game at the ENnies shortly after it’s publication, I wasn’t nominated or anything. I tried to submit it to other awards also, but no success. INSTEAD, I got awesome reviews and shreds of laughter from people who actually liked the game. THAT was much better, I thought, and so I carried on; trying not to be pushy.

Imagine my surprise as the host of  #WorldUsabilityCongress contacted me to inform me that I was finally nominated for the #WorldExperienceAward  2015! I received a free ticket and could present my game. Many of you have had encouraging words for me, and I felt the love.

Though I didn’t win in the end, I ranked second and pretty close to first place. Winning would have been awesome, don’t get me wrong, but what I really took away from presenting at the congress was that people liked the game and felt it was inspiring in some way. And I heard one thing a lot:

Why don’t you make the thesis available to the public?

And this is what I did today; three years after publishing the game, now you can have a look at my design decisions. The thesis also touches on topics like  #equality  and  #gender . Things you can deduce from the game’s design, but which aren’t expressly written in the rules.

Well! I’ve already talked too much. Have a look at the thesis if you like! If you think you should receive it for free (like if you’re a supporter or friend), just give me a note. I’ll send you a 100% discount link in private.

Thank you for your ongoing support. You folks are awesome and I love you all!


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