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I hope I haven’t lost my followers due to the address change. Chances are I completely messed up in that particular quest. Anyway, I hope you’re still with me!

Michtim RPG is nearing its completion, and I am really sorry for not having updated the blog regularly. Maybe I’ll fetch some pictures later, so you can at least see how much progress has been made.

The game will be made available to the public through DriveThruRPG / RPGNow. So stay tuned! You can buy a full-color print (in hardcover format) from DTRPG!

It’s just a matter of weeks now.

Calling Cards

Cards showing special rules for Callings

Calling Cards show all the special rules you need

If you write Cook on your character sheet, you need to know the special rules of that Calling. This is where the Calling Cards come in. They currently feature:

  • Calling Name
  • Faction Crest: So you know which Callings are highly appropriate for you
  • Mechanics: The regular type shows the rules. If something is bold it signifies a new kind of Action that may be used.
  • Utility: The italic type explains the out-of-combat use of the Calling
  • Emotions: These can be colored by the player to show mastered Emotions

That’s it for tonight. Let me know if you like it! Plenty of buttons to press below 😉

Play Test Polishing — Patch Notes 0.22 edited

Character Sheet with Gear, updated Callings and better Faction crests

The new character sheet has Masteries, Gear and Faction crests, cool!

EDIT: Here’s the updated character sheet (Deutschsprachiger Charakterbogen). The graphic design of the Calling section signifies that mastering all Emotional aspects of a Calling is special. Usually players will not invest all their points into a single Calling, because all they need is unlocking those aspects they have the highest Emotion rating in. Mastery is required in case you want to specialize (attuning only a single aspect, so you can bring more different Callings to the table). Also there is a Gear section on the character sheet now. Previously I was relying on gear cards, but that does not always come in handy.

The first round of play testing has been conducted yesterday. It was a blast! I had enormous amounts of fun, giving other people a first walk through the Immergrummelwoods and the Long-Legger’s City. Several of the changes increase the Cook’s power, while other alterations are used to simplify the game for new players.

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Making Wounds Tell Stories

Different types of damage and wound debuffs

3 x Damage Types and 4 x Wound Debuffs = 12 x Ouch!

Many games use hit points to track the sustained damage. Reducing those will bring heroines and heroes closer to death’s door. Besides this obvious meaning, there is usually no further mechanic attached to those wounds. Some games use Critical Damage to provide graphic detail in combats (like Dark Heresy and similar Warhammer 40K RPGs). Michtim RPG has a different way of dealing with damage and tries a more visual approach.

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Philosophies in Michtim Culture

Turnayan Callings show a strong Magic & Arts theme

Turnayan Callings show a strong Magic & Arts theme

There is a lot of room for all types of players. I do not wish to restrict player wishes when it comes to the existence of higher beings or the truth behind less mythical schools of thought. I figured, if you want to provide religious and secular philosophies, you cannot make individual tribes be solely this or that.

My solution is to provide many different approaches, and remind players to create their own belief system, if they think something is missing. I will present at least two approaches for all three tribes (religious and secular). The focal topic is always related to what Michtims from that tribe value the most. Nevertheless, it is absolutely okay to stick your character’s head into a different belief group. Go with what feels right.


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Revised Calling Table

Callings and aspects table for the Michtim RPG

The Callings table shows all the special mechanics currently available in the game.

Callings are a very good handle to customize a Michtim RPG character. If you read the description of the basic Actions (Jolt, Detect, Cure, Weep, Evade, Hide and Attack) you will understand the core game mechanic: It’s all about rolling d6s and beating 7. This is easily achieved with two dice, so what do you do with higher Emotion ratings? You set dice aside to produce more awesome effects, of course! This creates an intricate web of possibilities. Heavy hitting is less accurate, so it can be easily Evaded.

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Revised Character Sheet

Revised Character Sheet for Michtim RPG

The revised Character Sheet has room for Ultimate Techs and character goals!

Last week I had the chance to conduct some hands on tests. We had an hour at our disposal to create some Michtim heroes for the upcoming session. It turned out there were some misunderstandings regarding Emotion ratings and Principles. I’ll summarize in which regards the Revised Michtim RPG Character Sheet now solves these problems.

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Tribes and Philosophies

I took some time to gather sketches, scan them and put a little bit of color on them. Just to get my thoughts across.

Player’s pick these little furballs — called Michtims — as their characters. There are three tribes from which you can pick your heritage. They have different ideals and also make use of the same Talents using different themes. The ideals provide potential for conflicts, but I am far from making some tribe ‘the bad guy’ although some look pretty damn mean…

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