Cornelius Funkenflug ✝ 2014/03/17

Cornelius RIP


Today is the blackest day for Michtim RPG. Our beloved Cornelius Funkenflug von Abendrot has passed away. You can judge his importance by looking at the back of the book. He was not only Master of Secrets, but Keeper of Protocols and Archmage as well. He was one of the lead characters in the NPC section, and he plays an important part in my fiction project as well.

He was our inspiring hero, who always carried on, regardless of a broken leg or what-have-you. He never gave up. He taught us, how to pull through, no matter the cost.

He was a brave soul.

He will be missed.

-Georg & Alex
Some videos to see him in action:

Thank You


Lately, life has been good to me.

  • I got through a heart surgery without lasting complications
  • I found an awesome new job: now I’m working part-time with great colleagues and interesting work assignments
  • I got through a phase of serious depression and burnout, relatively unharmed. I’ve been really lucky
  • Not to forget my bf

I want to give something back.

Take the game for free, if you like! Share this post with others, so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity. I want to say thanks, and that’s my way of doing it. Just punch in 0 and download my game!

// This will probably be online for a limited time. Be quick!

Felixus the Alchemist

Felixus the Alchemist

Felixus the Alchemist

I finally was able to colorize Felixus. He’s the alter ego of Alex, my partner. Felixus is one of the few Michtims, who lacks a deed name. “They always just call me Felixus.” he notes, “or Fely.” That’s probably because he is very shy. As personal servant of Archmage Cornelius Funkenflug von Abendrot, his schedule is already full with important appointments. Like heading out to yet another Dungeon with Meister Cornelius (don’t call him Corny), and his partner Tym Eisenfuchs.

He also is an avid supporter of Rasse’s Buh Recipe Compendium. Buh equals fart; just to be sure you know, what I’m talking about. The ghastlier the smell, the higher the praise. Okay, I will leave that particular topic until I’m able to post a portrait of Rasse. She will probably tell you everything about it, anyway.

UPDATE Autumn 2015: Actually we found a very fitting Deed Name for Felixus! He’s called Honigpfote (honeypaw).

Unexpected Soundtrack: Part II

Hey there. Whenever I drive or walk alone, I’ll have music on to accompany me on my journeys. Every now and then, I encounter songs that spark Michtim visuals in my mind. I think that my choice of music will seem rather unfitting to others, but I still want to give this a go. Maybe it does something for you too?

Paramore - Part II

Paramore – Part II (Audio Stream)

The first song in the Unexpected Soundtrack category is Paramore‘s Part II. I am a big fan of Let the Flames Begin (~Part I), because the lyrics go something like this:

What a shame
We all became such fragile, broken things
A memory remains just a tiny spark

Now this is powerful to me, because of some Michtim Secrets that are yet to be revealed to the public. I want to do this in my fiction project, so it will still take a while, until we get to that particular point.

The fear of not living up to the standards of others is an important aspect of some of my characters. Lumpi strives to be a sorcerer-alchemist, when in fact he is not any good at Symbolaya. Rasse craves her mentor’s attention, but is highly jealous of Penny, when she receives summoner training from Archmage Cornelius Funkenflug von Abendrot.

Now this motto is repeated in Part II.

What a shame, what a shame we all remain
Such fragile broken things
A beauty half betrayed
Butterflies with punctured wings

Still there are darkened places deep in my heart
Where once was blazing light, now
There’s a tiny spark

The world of Michtims is full of Emotion, and some know about the darkened places in their own hearts. The hero’s journey begins with the blazing light of innocence, but through the trials of life, sometimes our idealistic light gets dulled.

Many characters will encounter breaking points in their careers. Meaning well to protect the wild (Conservancy) can lead to the abandonment of progress (Culture). Striving for prosperity (Culture) can blind us to the needs of others (Charity). It is a rare Michtim that will never fall short on any of the three Virtues.

The evocation of light is one of the first spells most Fauchschule kids learn. It is called Bokaschi — The spell that reveals hidden things. I imagine Penny beholding a tiny spark of light between her paws, whispering the spell during the refrain, and finally exploding to reveal all the friends around her; which is a contrast to the “Dancing all alone” line.

Oh Glory
Come and find me (Bridge x2)

Dancing all alone
To the sound of an enemy’s song
I’ll be lost until you find me

Fighting on my own
In a war that’s already been won
I’ll be lost until you come and find me here
Oh Glory

Her newfound friends are all around her. Each one is shown briefly, showing off their special power. Lumpi using Dynamo to charge up, Rasse levitating rocks and herself, Rocco with a huge paint brush, Plavka with a robotic sound blaster, Emilio with healing plants, Rozalia who can turn her fur into stone. Penny summoning her will-o-wisp Candelor Luminus Blitz III.

Dancing to an enemy’s song creates this impression of being forced to fight wars that you wouldn’t have started yourself. Being lost is a big aspect of the character Penny and her search for her identity and place in the world.

The search for Glory is a very human/Michtim thing to do. You have people that made it big, and you want to impress your elders, parents or friends. Glory fills the heart with light, makes you proud to be who you are. Lumpi will look for ways to shine, regardless of his magical deficiency. Rasse is still something of a wunderkind, even if she probably won’t ever be a summoner.

Okay! Enough of the talk. Listen to the song!

Paramore – Part II (Audio Stream)

Lyrics courtesy of MetroLyrics: Paramore – Part II Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Dramatis Personae…

Lumpi standing bold at his father's side. Felixus holding an alchemist's vial. Penny holding an Irrwisch spirit.

Lumpi, Felixus and Penny

I proudly present a minor selection of my short novel’s cast.

Here you can see Lumpi, who is standing proudly at his father’s side. He is a quick-witted and pretty bold guy, but his most important wish is to become like Felixus. His punch line is “Du brauchst dia goarnix guat vorkumman!” which translates (roughly) to “Dun be so full of ya’self!” Lumpi was saved from the orphanage by Felixus. That’s why he is so deeply affectionate about his dad.

Felixus is a good-natured alchemist and the personal servant of Cornelius Funkenflug von Abendrot. He mostly brews herbal infusions (teas) and tasty stews. He lives together with Tym Eisenfuchs. Both escaped the orphanage and lived in the seedier districts of Turnaya. When they broke into Archmage Cornelius’ cave, he found them cuddling up in his bed and took them in.

Penny is the newest addition to the Felitym Nest. She is also a supposed orphan, because she was found in the woods by Lumpi, Emilio and Rasse. Penny has lost her memory and still tries to find out about her past. She shows a talent for summoning, which is quite a rare Calling among Michtims, so Cornelius has offered to tutor her in the spirit arts.

All Things Michtim

It’s been a while, since I was posting something. I underwent a heart surgery in November 2013, right after my birthday. Everything went well, but in the wake of it all, I was forced to find a new job. I fell silent for a few months, and haven’t found the time to keep you informed about all the things I want to do for Michtim.

This is a preview of all the things I’m working of, right now. I cannot tell just now, when I’m finally able to push publication on any of these. So I hope this keeps you interested. Let me know what you’d like to see the most.

Michtim Adventures Story (German)
I want to start with the short novel I’m writing for Michtim. Since my native language is German, I felt more comfortable to produce my first draft that way. It tells the story of nestling Penny, who awakens in the woods, and cannot remember anything about herself. She is offered insight into her past by Isabella Frostherz, who has sinister plans for the little Michtim-Kid…

Saving the Veil Chronicle
This is a series of related adventures for Michtim: Fluffy Adventures. In the wake of a disastrous betrayal, the Michtims are left without the protection of the Veil. The heroes need to go out on adventures, to borrow the six Veiled gemstones, to restore the Veil to its former power. All adventures are designed to be micro sandboxes, and offer freeform exploration of new places.

Book of Hearts / Honobono
After learning something about the honobono roleplaying style (through Golden Sky Stories), I want to show ways to pull this off with Michtim. The Book of Hearts introduces blended Emotions: Players can use new tricks by combining two Emotions. All new rules are supposed to offer new mechanics for social interaction and non-violent problem solving.

Treasure Chest
This addon features new rules for Gear and a selection of new pieces of equipment. Including new rules to enhance existing Gear by showing your worth to the noble houses.

New Callings
So far, I’ve created three new Callings that I plan on releasing separately as well as bundled, so you can pick what you care about the most. Currently in the design phase: Vampire (stealing dice), Juggernaut (mitigating damage) and Mentalist (controlling others).

Special Actions
You can roll Emotions to do tricks outside of the existing rules. Special Actions introduces several new Actions for existing Emotions. I might be including this one in the Book of Hearts though.

Let me know, what interests you the most!

Also here’s a link to all existing Michtim Reviews I know of. Let me know, if I’m missing a review!

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

Reaching Out

Michtim RPG is close to selling its 100th copy! Also the free downloads for Michtim RPG were quite a success. More than 200 people downloaded the game on the promotion days. I guess we will see some hangout games popping up in the near future, as some gamers are looking for players to recruit.

You should check out the Michtim RPG Community on Google+. You can coordinate game sessions and share news on related topics over there. Tim Charzinski and Tim Franzke are posting some ideas for Michtim miniatures, while Michael Heywood is looking for players to run a hangout game. The community is still quite fresh and unknown, so maybe you would like to drop by and share your thoughts with us!


TableTop Day: Last Call for Free Michtim RPG



Hey there!

So I closed the free RPG deal a bit too early it seems. Some people came home from work, only to realize that they had missed the promotion. This is exactly the reason I am now using a different approach to this discount.

The prize on the product has reset, but fear not. There is a special discount link that you can use until 13/03/03 (or 03rd March 2013). Only problem is: I don’t know when DriveThru is exactly going to shut it down, so you should be quick on this one! Share the link as freely as you like; but do realize that the clock is ticking!

That’s my last call to you. Take care and spread the word!


Michtim @ TableTopDay


You might have read about International TableTop Day or #TableTopDay.

Michtim RPG is going to celebrate this day by going free for a short time period. The PDF can be downloaded from DriveThruRPG right now. This special occasion won’t last forever, so be sure to go out there and fetch the game.

If you want to support me, you can buy the physical Hardcover. I promise it looks gorgeous and is worth every Cent. Also it neatly fits into small bags, because it is nearly the size of a Michtim. (Okay, that’s a lie! But it is super-small!)

There are some things I’d love to see in return, although you do not have any obligations:

  • Play the game!
  • Tell your friends!
  • Drop me a line!
  • Post something online! (Mini-reviews, impressions, actual play reports, youtube videos, tweets, what-have-you!)
  • Hack the game! (My Little Pony RPG? I’ve heard about that.)

Here are some pictures of the actual hardcover that can also be bought at


Be creative! Be merry! Become a Michtim!

It means so much to me!


Hardcover Edition available!

Hey folks!

This is big news for me. Actually the product has been activated on 10/12/2012 (that’s all zeroes, ones and twos for you)! I’m really happy with how the product turned out. LSI seems to do an excellent job at printing. The quality of the paper is really great; and the hardcover is making me smile wickedly. I can honestly say it was the best day in my life so far! Sorry if I seem over-enticed, but I’m really enjoying this.

You can get the premium color hardcover version of Michtim: Fluffy Adventures from DriveThruRPG or RPGNow of course. All previous buyers of the PDF have received a special discount link on 10/12/2012 to reduce the price of the hardcover edition. I promised a $5,- discount, but actually gave away a $7,- discount because I want to share the love.

I’d really love to hear about your actual play experiences with Michtim RPG. Tell me what you would like to see in the future. Chances are, I might actually write a Companion, but that really depends on the exposure the game receives. I’ve learned that Turnaya needs a lot more coverage, so that’s a likely candidate for future releases.

Add me on Facebook (Georg Mir), Twitter (@zydake) or find me on Google+ (Georg Mir).