Calling: Shapeshifter

I want to offer you a sneak-peak at the new Callings, I am working on currently.  I have several on my list at the moment, including Vampire, Juggernaut, Mentalist, Ritualist and Shapeshifter.

Remember the basic method of Trait Changes in Michtim RPG? Instead of gaining more Attribute points during your career, you will be able to shift individual dice between traits. Of course you still have to keep the Trait Limitations in mind (Traits are rated at 1 – 4). Usually, these shifts are only plausible if the character has a specific reason to explain, why he moved 1 die from Love to Anger. Also, players should not shift multiple dice in a single session.

Enter the Shapeshifter. Due to their ability to change their form, they can now redistribute their Emotion dice; at least until the end of the current scene. These changes are explained by bodily modifications on one hand, and psychological changes on the other side of the equation.

Rule Text (Draft)

Spend 1 Mood Marker to shift 1 die from an Emotion of your choice to the Emotion you’ve spent the Mood Marker for. Traits still have to range from 1 to 4. Changes last until the end of the current scene.

Disguise: You can appear to be someone else. Your disguises all have a single Tell that might help others to see through your charade.

Let me know what you think!

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