Reaching Out

Michtim RPG is close to selling its 100th copy! Also the free downloads for Michtim RPG were quite a success. More than 200 people downloaded the game on the promotion days. I guess we will see some hangout games popping up in the near future, as some gamers are looking for players to recruit.

You should check out the Michtim RPG Community on Google+. You can coordinate game sessions and share news on related topics over there. Tim Charzinski and Tim Franzke are posting some ideas for Michtim miniatures, while Michael Heywood is looking for players to run a hangout game. The community is still quite fresh and unknown, so maybe you would like to drop by and share your thoughts with us!


TableTop Day: Last Call for Free Michtim RPG



Hey there!

So I closed the free RPG deal a bit too early it seems. Some people came home from work, only to realize that they had missed the promotion. This is exactly the reason I am now using a different approach to this discount.

The prize on the product has reset, but fear not. There is a special discount link that you can use until 13/03/03 (or 03rd March 2013). Only problem is: I don’t know when DriveThru is exactly going to shut it down, so you should be quick on this one! Share the link as freely as you like; but do realize that the clock is ticking!

That’s my last call to you. Take care and spread the word!


Michtim @ TableTopDay


You might have read about International TableTop Day or #TableTopDay.

Michtim RPG is going to celebrate this day by going free for a short time period. The PDF can be downloaded from DriveThruRPG right now. This special occasion won’t last forever, so be sure to go out there and fetch the game.

If you want to support me, you can buy the physical Hardcover. I promise it looks gorgeous and is worth every Cent. Also it neatly fits into small bags, because it is nearly the size of a Michtim. (Okay, that’s a lie! But it is super-small!)

There are some things I’d love to see in return, although you do not have any obligations:

  • Play the game!
  • Tell your friends!
  • Drop me a line!
  • Post something online! (Mini-reviews, impressions, actual play reports, youtube videos, tweets, what-have-you!)
  • Hack the game! (My Little Pony RPG? I’ve heard about that.)

Here are some pictures of the actual hardcover that can also be bought at


Be creative! Be merry! Become a Michtim!

It means so much to me!